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The purpose of an evolutionary leader Is to make evolution irresistible, effortless, irrefutable, and there for inevitable. To lead, is to first imagine a better future, inspire others to come together and create that future and then, sit back relax and watch evolution happen as a consiquence.    
Imagine - Create - Evolve

Share House Productions

Video Content Services
AV Department
$600 a day 
Includes: Videographer & Standard Gear
Art Department
$500 a day
Includes: Art Director - Hair and Makeup - 
Post Production
$500 a day
Includes: ​video editing - sound editing - 
Is this a one man job... 
Or should can bring out the team. 

Services Available:

Audio & Visual - Video/Photography/Sound
Art Department - Hair & Makeup/Set Design/Costume
Post Production - Audio,Video,Image Editing/Distribution

Design Content Services​


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Image Content Services
Creative fashion  / life style / experimential   
Fine art photography, is when the whole team shows up. Commercial photography such as Fashion and Life Style often get the crew up and moving around. So project complete all comes down to the team, and the ability for that team to work together. 
Retail portrait / product / wedding
Photography services such as, portorait, product & wedding all become very personal and priceless pieces of art. Sharing a timeless moment, like when hanging a portrait, the work, is an honor. 
Many hands, make light work, for the many frames of fine art photography. But first, let us identify our photographic genre, so we can find the photographer that's right for you. This is where our story begins. 

My team is tight-knit and passionate about getting the light right the first time. Masters of their craft and uniqe creative communicators, we all do it because they love it.

Creative - Call Free Consultation
Retail - $500 4 Hour Session
Editorial - $500 Day Rate + Travel
Editorial journalism / event / travel
Capturing the scenes that play out in reality for only a brief moment in time, this is the craft of a photojournalist. Sharing clarity of the scene while also capturing a story, takes great observation and self direction. 
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Welcome to the gallery. It's where you can find small portions or just teaser photos of our projects so as to intise you to dive into each project furture.

...and please do!!!

Most Current



Burlesque & Circus, every 2nd week of the month. Reserve a table and join us for fine california cusine and a show full of radical self expression and world famous circus artiest.

Flyer Design - 
Jacob D. Haslem

Folies Project - Creative Collection

Seeing the folies project close up is amazing. The images are printed on metal so the original collection can last a lifetime. The models are all San Francisco locals and many have careers in dance and circus arts. 
So much talent in one room really pushed the team. 
13 models, 3 hair and Make up artiest, 3 documentary filmmakers, 1 project director, 2 production assistents & 1 photographer, brought to you by the Share House.

inquire for purchase details elleaimephotography.com

Number of Pieces - 13 total
Full Collection - $10,000
Model Releases Available on Request

Size of Individual Piece - 12" x 12"
Wall Size of Collection - 5.3' x 5.3'

Link to Collection

Live Painting - Leah Colecchia
by, Jacob D. Haslem

Almost hung, just waiting on a few final touches.... but here is a preview of the nude 3' x 4' oil painting of Leah Marie. Some of the paintings final touches were made live at the gallary. it was a pleasure to share the work with all those attending. A favorite comment that was made, was that the painting was very sensual and human.  thanks.

More to come! 

Travel Editorial

- Bud and the Pest -
- Frog - 
- Paris in Love - 
- Ridiculous Rome -
 - Darkmark -
- Amster Slam -
  - IIIceland -

Trip to Europe

Chasing the light, while having an experience of a life time is kinda the trick to getting something new. But I must admit it's easier to just point the camera at what everyone else things is cool, when the lights just right. You'll find some of those in here too.

Travel Editorial Photography
By, Jacob D. Haslem

Taste of Iceland - Editoral Photography

Iceland is extraordanary for may reason but one reason that's more intising than any other is the unique food. 




Outset Edibles

Content Creation & Branding

March 4th - Event Vibe Photography

A show to remember....

Video Interview 

Clean Green Certified 

Cannabis Reports

Cannabis Technology Solutions

Jacob D. Haslem


Historical Photo

Coast Guard - 2011
US Virgin Islands

Travel Photography


The End 

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I try to keep things updated around here but not all the content can fit in one place. There are more videos, photos, and design projects in my extended portfolios... just follow the links, you might find some of the content interesting and different from anything you've ever seen before.

Jacob D. Haslem