Jacob D Haslem

The purpose of an evolutionary leader Is to make evolution irresistible, effortless, irrefutable, and there for inevitable. To lead, is to first imagine a better future, inspire others to come together and create that future and then, sit back relax and watch evolution happen as a consiquence.    
Imagine - Create - Evolve

Graphic Design

  1. Revival Bar and Kitchen
    Revival Bar and Kitchen
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Star Stuff Leah Marie

The first in a series titled the Game of Leila. 
Flyer Design
2016 - Dinner Theater in Berkeley CA

Revival Bar and Kitchen

Normaly just a seasonal, fine dining resturant in Downtown Berkeley California, Revival gave me the opportunity to see if the space could rebrand it's self as a casual kitchen and parlor style atomstphire with live music and world class performance.  With unlimited support and assistence from the Genaral Manager we now transform the space once a week and sell out the table after 8pm for an intimate experience you can't find any where else.  

Fine Dining 

Revival Bar & Kitchen

2016 - Revival of Downtown Berkeley is a fine dinning resturant that servers food directly from Californias farmers and always using local and seasonal ingredience. All the meat is butched in house allowing for a new menu to be printed everyday. Along side their local California cusine, the artisen cocktails come directly from the mind of the mixologies behind the bar and never stick around longer then the season allows.


2016 - photography and flyer design for print and promotion.

Revival Bar and Kitchen Berkeley, CA
Event Production - Revival
2016 - Project Management, plus web and print design for event promotion. 

Revival Bar and Kitchen Berkeley, CA

SF Bay Area Local Circus at Revival

Cannabis Reports
Business Platform Videos 
2016 - Information database and industry business tools for cannabis producers and distributors. 
Circut Leaf - Cannabis Reports
2015 - San Francisco, CA
Brand Concept Design
Brainstorming the right information that speaks to your brand and targets your audience is a critical step in the process. We've worked on hundreds of projects and proper planning so the purpose and objective of the series is clear and set up so it can be measured and accounted for. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
Graphic Illistration
Content Creation is all dependent on concept. This is where all the fun happen, but also the work. It's a good thing we love the work. Out team dive into the unknow with enthusasm. 
Brand In Design
The finished product of any project is unknow untill the very end. Let it be Video, Fine Art Photography, or TV commcercial our work flow is set up to take your team and their ideas along for the whole creative process.
Smoke Reports
Promotional Videos & Image Graphics
2015 - Smoke Reports quickly rebranded to Cannabis Reports. 
Share House Productions
2014 - Share House Production was started by Leah Marie & Jacob D. Haslem in Emeryville CA. 

SHP started off offering it's digital marketing production services to the local San Francisco Bay Area and now extends it's network over seaseas, completing projects in Paris France and Aarhus Denmark.  
Brand Design & Content Creation
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