Jacob D Haslem

The purpose of an evolutionary leader Is to make evolution irresistible, effortless, irrefutable, and there for inevitable. To lead, is to first imagine a better future, inspire others to come together and create that future and then, sit back relax and watch evolution happen as a consiquence.    
Imagine - Create - Evolve

Hello Conscious Explorer

With the hard problem of consciousness on the rise and a strongly needed, more expansive definition of consciousness spreading within the english language, this disclaimer is here to buffer the individuals who are intentionally soliciting advice around topics associated with consciousness and those who are not. 

For example if you've ever seen a dude walking down the street who looks like the human in the images below... diving deep into my website is like walking up to one of them and vetting this human being with questions. 

This life style lived by individuals who renounce possessions and travel the globe with their attention focused inward, is not everyones cup of tea. But for those of whom have come around to being interested in these concepts and ideas I welcome you, and hope what is learned brings you everlasting peace and joy.  

In short. The take away is... Relax and Imagine First - Keep a Creative Attitude - Modify Your Behavior and Evolve

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